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Jagdgeschwader 1
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The JG1 server, while being available for fun dogfights and cooperative missions, is primarily dedicated to an immersive series of online campaigns - Flanders In Flames and Tanks In Flames. Both of these events are attempts to create an environment that is as real as technically possible within the confines of a computer game. Core features of these events are a single "life" for pilots or aircrew, and an expansive and complex logistics system that ties into both the air war and the ground war. Victory within these campaigns is determined by meeting objectives, not simply accumulating points.

Server TeamSpeak & Discord

The JG1 squadron TeamSpeak and Discord servers are available upon request.

Please visit JG1's website.

Code of Conduct Rules

The goal of the JG1 server is to encourage and develop a tight-knit community of mature, like-minded pilots who wish to enjoy a challenging, rewarding, and fun aerial combat environment. In order to accomplish this, the JG1 server adheres to a Code of Conduct with several important guiding principles. These include an atmosphere of sportsmanship, respect, and fair play.

Individuals, squadrons, and teams should at all times strive for the following:

  1. Respect for JG1 server rules and tournament coordinators
  2. Respect for your opponents and teammates
  3. A commitment towards participation, including welcoming and helping new pilots
  4. Avoiding a poor attitude, such as "win-at-all-cost”

If any one feels that another pilot has violated one of the JG1 server rules, or has acted in manner that is not in the spirit of an event, they should wait until the session is over and report the incident to a server administrator

Open-chat accusations or counter-accusations will not be tolerated, and the offending parties may be asked to leave the server immediately.

Server Team

Administrators: JG1_Butzzell, JG1_Klaiber, JG1_Schulte, & JG1_Snaggle
Mission Designers: JG1_Butzzell, JG1_Kliegmann, & JG1_Schulte

Head to the JG1's website to communicate with the server team.